An evening ride

A couple of nights ago I was able to enjoy an evening bike ride east of town. Fort Saskatchewan is certainly a city at odds with itself. The North Saskatchewan River valley is quite pretty. Surrounding the city are bright yellow canola fields. But not far from the river – and not far from town at all – are massive chemical production plants.

I had already decided to illuminate whatever area in which I may living  – or through which I may be travelling – with photos not just of beautiful sunsets, but also of life, structures, and whatever else may make up my surroundings at the time (still, those times just before, during or after the sun goes down). I shall be shooting not just the grand and majestic, but also perhaps a bit of the ugly, the disappointing, the concerning, and the juxtaposed.

But a ride is a ride, and feeling that late evening summer air as I push my way out, then back into town is a privilege.



Not sure how old this sign is, nor who was expected to see it and make the right turn!

I’ve always been transfixed by signs. I don’t know why. I find some of them beautiful. Perhaps it is the readers’ response theory I latched onto during my BA English studies in university: the reader decides the meaning. Signs can have many meanings, evoke memories, stir metaphors and help you find your way, in MANY ways.


Is this beautiful? I leave that up to you.


A water tower can be a landmark for any prairie town or small city. Fort Saskatchewan’s is covered with child-like paintings of children. As water nourishes a town, my children nourish my soul.

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