Jasper’s Fryatt Valley

Day 3

Leaving Fryatt Valley

Twilight has come in many ways today. I completed my return journey out of the Fryatt Valley, blessed with another day of rich blue skies, sunlit peaks and white, rushing waters.




























Now, sitting next to the Athabasca River just outside the town of Jasper, near the end of the day, I’ve undertaken the task of finishing a book I’ve admittedly taken far too long to read: David Suzuki: The Autobiography. With only a couple of chapters left, I am certainly in the twilight phase of it.


However, soon after a group of rafters go by…


…and as the rain clouds move in, I decide to make my way back to Whistler’s Campground where I have already set up camp for my last night here.

The End of Two Journeys

I have been in a strange bubble: Thunder and dark clouds surround me, but no rain. Wanting a campfire not only for the simple enjoyment of it, but also to have the warmth and light to be able to finish this book, I chopped and lit the dry wood gathered from the pile. I have now been sitting for just over an hour, reading the last pages of this book, about David Suzuki’s own reflections on his twilight years.  Darkness comes, the deep orange glow of the fire emanates heat directly at my knees, and I finish this book as I finish this day and this trip: with pure joy that I have experienced it and yet sadness that it is over.


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