Mt. Robson Provincial Park

On a trip with my kids to the west coast of Canada, I have made a point to visit Mt. Robson Provincial Park. There are few provincial parks in British Columbia – and perhaps Canada – more majestic than Mt. Robson. On the west side of the Continental Divide, just under an hour’s drive from Jasper on the Alberta side, the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies reveals itself majestically on a clear day to the delight of all who may travel by to take in its splendour.

Mt. Robson and visitor centre

This mountain is big enough to create its own microclimate.  Warm, moist air from the west collides with the mountain and is driven upward, cooling and dropping larger than normal amounts of moisture in the area. Perfect conditions exist for the ferns, mosses and massive cedar and fir trees that flourish here.

Cedar tree along Berg Lake Trail


Berg Lake Trail

One of the most popular and well-known trails in the Canadian Rockies is the Berg Lake Trail. With a number of backcountry camping opportunities possible further in, it is the first 4 km of the trail that anyone of just about any age or skill level can hike. Leading to Kinney Lake, this gradually inclining trail is enjoyed by thousands each year. Following the path of the Robson River, the trail offers many scenic viewpoints along the way.

Robson River along Berg Lake Trail





















Upon arriving at Kinney Lake, we enjoy a lunch at one of the picnic tables, taking in the expansive and breathtaking view. Experiencing such a view –at par with backcountry hikes – is truly a privilege given the relatively short, easy nature of this hike.

Kinney Lake, Berg Lake Trail

Fraser River Origins

Near its headwaters, the Fraser River runs by the Robson Meadows campground. One of my favourite front country campgrounds, Robson Meadows is just off the TransCanada highway and within walking distance of the Visitor Centre. It is hard to imagine the over 1000 km journey the salmon take from the Pacific Ocean to reach this point. It being late enough in the summer to catch the run, my kids and I are able to spot 5-6 salmon leaping into the air near the scenic bend in the river on the east side of the campground.

Fraser River

As twilight approaches, we are sad to go, but eager to enjoy our second night’s stay and head further toward Vancouver Island the next morning.

Fraser River at twilight, near Robson Meadows Campground

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