Salt Spring Island: Solace for the Soul

Having enjoyed our time in Victoria, my kids and I head across to Salt Spring Island. The weather has turned cooler and wet, yet as we travel across on the ferry (a much  smaller vessel than those used to cross from the mainland) we insist on sitting outside for a bit to experience the journey. It is a fairly short ride to Fulford Harbour (less than an hour).

Aboard the ferry approaching Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Disembarking, we drive across the island along a narrow, paved road that carves its way through deciduous and coniferous forest through to Ruckle Provincial Park on the island’s eastern tip.

Camping at Ruckle Provincial Park

The campground at Ruckle shall be our home for the next two days. The campground includes some RV sites, but our goal (mine for a number of years) has been to camp in one of the walk-in only sites, with views of the water, only a few feet from the oceanside.

Having transported our small tent, sleeping bags, air mattresses, and a few other supplies via the wheelbarrows left available at the trailhead, I set up camp – the kids already exploring the rocks and tide pools along the water’s edge.

Trail leading to walk-in tenting sites, Ruckle Provincial Park
Campsite at Ruckle Provincial Park campground, Salt Spring Island


A Playground of Discovery

Having been perhaps too intent on getting our site set up, I had yet to really take a look at how beautiful this place is. With our tent secured on its pad, the beds inside looking comfy and warm, I turn around to take in what is perhaps one of the prettiest spots I have ever seen at such an accessible campground.

View from Ruckle Provincial Park campground, Salt Spring Island

I know this being our home for the next 3 days there will be a reminder for me to appreciate where we are every few minutes,  a new picture to take every few feet, and many joyous occasions to watch my children (and me) explore, climb, sit, hike and discover this amazing place.

Exploring the water’s edge, Ruckle Provincial Park

It now nearing twilight here at the end of our first day on Salt Spring Island, we take a look over the water, seeing lights from Vancouver Island across the strait, hearing the chug of ferries as they go by, and eager to greet tomorrow as another chance to explore more of this special place.



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