Salt Spring Island: A Difficult Place to Leave

Having spent two nights, three days on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada we are having a difficult time leaving. We have explored the seaside, climbed the rocks, watched the ferries and sailboats go by, held breakfast beside the water, and even sat peacefully, appreciating this place (and this trip) for what it has given us: an appreciation of nature; a break from the the often tedious demands of everyday life; a simpler existence; and a sense of connectedness to this land, each other, and even ourselves.

Ferries pass by Salt Spring Island
Tide pool, Salt Spring Island
Crabs left by the receding tide, Salt Spring Island
Deer strolling through campground, Ruckle Provincial Park, Salt Spring Island

Canadian Coast Guard ship, Ganges, Salt Spring Island

One More Ride on BC Ferries

Yet, we must go. I once again busy myself packing up our tent and other equipment, conscious of the ferry we are to board early this afternoon on the other side of the island, all the while wishing we could stay longer. Taking one last walk down to the rocks along the shore, my kids and I share yet another special moment on this amazing trip.

One last look from our viewpoint, Ruckle Provincial Park, Salt Spring Island

All Aboard…

But alas, we nearing the twilight of our trip, we do need to start the journey back to Alberta. Having driven across to the other side of the island, we board the “Queen of Nanaimo,” for our voyage to the mainland. It is hard to say “goodbye,” but we hope to say “hello” to the west coast again soon.

View from the deck of the BC Ferries’ “Queen of Nanaimo”

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